Herndon Man Arrested After Punching Virginia Police Officer, Stealing Patrol Car

Dexter Gibson ran up a litany of charges on Thursday when he assaulted an Arlington County, Virginia police officer and then sped off in the officer’s patrol car. Gibson then led authorities on a dramatic high speed chase down I-66.

Police caught up to Gibson and managed to force the stolen vehicle from the road. But Gibson escaped and contented on foot, diving into the back of a pick-up truck. Cornered by police, Gibson grabbed a shovel from the truck bed and began swinging.

Literally outgunned, Gibson agreed to drop the shovel but then bolted through the surrounding police and climbed over a roadside cement barrier. Gibson then tried to fight his way through two more police officers but was finally subdued.

Gibson was walking along I-66 when he was initially approached by Virginia State Police Trooper C.T. Grzelak, who had responded to a report of a pedestrian on I-66. An Arlington County Police Officer pulled up to assist.

The two officers attempted to encircle Gibson, who became violent punching the Arlington officer and making off in his vehicle

Gibson has been charged with thirteen counts, including: grand larceny, carjacking, eluding police, malicious wouding, destruction of property, and assault on a police officer.  He is being held without bond at the Prince William County Detention Center.

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