New Jersey Town Moves to Ban Texting – While Walking!

Well, jaywalking anyway…

Despite widespread media reports that Fort Lee, New Jersey had made an unusual decision ban texting while walking. Not exactly true says Thomas Ripoli, chief of the Fort Lee Police Department

Plenty of municipalities have placed limits on the use of mobile phones while driving.  In particular the sending of text messages has been increasing regulated, with many states banning the practice while behind the wheel.

Virginia, notably has made texting while a vehicle is moving a primary offense, worthy of a traffic stop in its own right, not just and add-on infraction that can be levied against a driver pulled over for some other behavior.

While the quirky local story angle spread false information about Fort Lee’s supposed ban on texting while walking far and wide, Ripoli described the more mundane reality to MSNBC.

According to Ripoli, because of a rash of pedestrian-related accidents, Fort Lee police began a jay-walking oriented public education campaigns handing out more than a hundreds jaywalking tickets and hundreds of information pamphlets.

If you happen to be texting while jaywalking, Fort Lee police will quite possible ticket you for jaywalking (a $54 offense).  But no one has yet been ticketed simply for texting while walking.


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