Washington, DC Rakes in Parking Ticket Revenue

$9.2 million worth in 2011 – an all-time record according to records recently obtained by AAA Mid-Atlantic based on a Freedom of Information Act request to the DC DMV. That represents more than 10% parking ticket revenue growth over last year – 1.6 million parking tickets in all. In all, 30 agencies have ticket writing power in Washinton, DC.

According to city officials, increased parking enforcement is one of their most requested services by city residents. DC Department of Public Works reps told Fairfax News that it is their second most common request, primarily coming from businesses who want to see faster parking turn-over near their location.

DC added 25 new parking enforcement officers in 2010, at a time when the city was on pace to see less money from parking enforcement . DC budgeted $3.5 million for the new hires and projected at $20 million return. The city ultimately took in $70 million in 2009 and $80 million in 2010 along with the record $92 million in 2011.

Looks like DC got their money’s worth.

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